Freddie Storma Tommy Barlow

Tommy Barlow is a character on Glee: The Journey Continues. He is portrayed by Freddie Stroma.


Much like Peter Pan, he's a kid who never wants to grow up. At 17, he often still acts like he's 6. However, he's not immature, he's just loving his life. Because of this, younger kids often see him as a father/older brother figure. He is very naive and trusting. He loves music, it's his life. He dreams of becoming a well known song writer, or a Broadway star. Other's often find him annoying, but amusing. He tried to be friends with everyone he meets, and often gets into scraps because if someone doesn't like him, he's convinced that he just needs to work harder to show them how great of a friend he can be. Naturally, this often leads to him getting yelled at. He's still a sweetheart, who's often trying to help others with thier problems. Tommy's always there to lend a helping hand.

Life Before GleeEdit

Music has always been Tommy's life. He was singing shortly after he learned how to talk, and was writing music before he completed kindergarden. However, is akward exterior often stops him from realising his dream. He's only ever had a few close friends, but he's never really cared about that.