Tim-Chloe Relationship




Intimacy Level:

Boyfriend and Girlfriend; Sexual

Relationship Started In:

Behind These Hazel Eyes (Assumed)

Tim-Chloe Relationship, often reffered to as Toe, is the relationship between Tim Norgrove and Chloe Horan. It is assumed by their display of affection in Behind These Hazel Eyes that they started to date anywhere from Bombshell to Behind These Hazel Eyes. Tim and Chloe are portrayed by Austin Butler and Ashley Olsen.


Behind These Hazel EyesEdit

Tim comforts Chloe after Joey has a fit.


At the start of the episode, the two sing Right Here, Right Now, hinting at their relationship. Later, Tim defends Chloe from bulling because of her eyes. He then sings Beautiful Monster for her. After being turned on by Lesa's erotic dancing for her audition, the two foolishly have sexual intercourse.

Quinn IIEdit