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Summer Anthems
Season One, Episode Fourteen
Jasmine at Regionals
Written by Ireland?
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Summer Anthems is the fourteenth episode of Glee: The Journey Continues and serves as the first season's Regionals episode.


The to New Directions reach to stardom has arrived; Regionals. Alex feels bad as he competes against Jen but she re-assures him that everythings okay. Will Alex continue in The Warblers? Will Charity stay in New Directions? Will Jen feel comfortable competing against her boyfriend?

Songs Edit

  • Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj'. Sung by New Directions and The Warblers.
  • Hero from Starstruck. Sung by Insecure. (unreleased)
  • Brand New Day from Camp Rock 2. Sung by Jasmine with New Directions.
  • Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj. Sung by Stevie and Amy with New Directions.
  • Never Close Our Eyes by Adam Lambert. Sung by New Directions.
  • Everything About You by One Direction. Sung by Alex and The Warblers.
  • Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Sung by New Directions, Alexander Smythe, Justin Mitchell, Holly Holliday, Heidi Tiger and Will Schuester.


  • Regionals take place at King Jr School, home of Insecure.