Shannon Beiste

Shannon Beiste is a character on Glee: The Journey Continues. She was created by Ryan Murphy and is portrayed by Dot-Marie Jones. Notably, she has a smaller role in The Journey Continues than on the original show Glee.


Shannon appears to be a very intense and driven woman, who wants to do whatever she can to train her players into being a formidable football team. However, she has also shown to be very sensitive because of being bullied as a child due to her large size, deep voice, and somewhat masculine appearance. This sensitivity causes her to become petty and easily angered, which she then takes out on those who end up in her line of sight. But it appears that she is not a cruel woman.

Life Before GleeEdit

After believeing no-one would love her, Shannon married Cooter Jenkins. After a few months if a happy marriage, the relationship turnt abuse-ful, causing Shannon to leave Cooter after a performance of Shake It Out in the second year of the original New Directions and some persuasion by Sue Sylvester.