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Lesa Who?
Season One, Episode Fifteen
Lesa is sexy
Written by Ireland?
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Lesa Who? is the sixteenth episode of Glee: The Journey Continues.


Lesa learns that she must leave America and return to England after her Dad gets a promotion offer. Later, while performing with New Directions, she performs a dance move slightly out of her talent range and falls of the stage, hitting her head. In a delusional dream sequence, Lesa sees how happy the glee club would be if she had never joined, making her happy to leave. Meanwhile, an unexpected romance pops up between the two people that were cheated on. Also, Justin Mitchell's ex-boyfriend Miles Langley returns to town and outs him to his parents. Katie's brother, Nick, and Harrison are called in to help the situation out.


  • Last Friday Night (TGIF) by Katy Perry. Sung by Jasmine, Lesa and New Directions
  • We Found Love by Rihanna. Sung by Jasmine and Stevie.
  • Fight For This Love by Cheryl Cole. Sung by Katie and Zach.
  • The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. Sung by Miles and Justin.
  • You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. Sung by Zach.
  • Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia. Sung by Justin, Nick and Harrison with New Directions and The Warblers.
  • Please Don't Leave Me by P!nk. Sung by Junette.


  • This episode marks the second Warbler storyline that crosses over with a member of New Directions.
  • The first time Nick Scott is seen since Behind These Hazel Eyes, 12 episodes ago.