Lesa Wall Miley Cryus

Lesa Wall is a main character on Glee:The Journey Continues. She was created by PraeOTP. Lesa makes her debut in Series One, Episode 2: Flash Mob as Tim's cousin.


She is steady, reliable person who only rarely get frazzled or upset. She will almost never lose course and will remain level no matter what chaos surrounds her. She knows her own strength but usually handles situations with dignity and self-control. Push her too far, though, and she can suddenly turn into a raging bull, and once this happens, she will be difficult to calm. She is stubborn. Once she forms an opinion, she is immovable, and nothing will change her mind. She likes the good life, but tends to be careful with money, slowly building up wealth as she goes. Lesa is openly lesbian and is regularly tormented about it.

Life Before GleeEdit

She has been very unlucky in her life, her parents died when she was twelve and she had no other family to go to. After skipping in and out of adoption homes for three years, her grandmother got back in touch with her. Lesa was very reluctant at first, but began to trust her grandmother and now lives with her.


  • Lesa was originally a re-eccuring guest star but from SMS she became a main character.