Katie Scott is a character on Glee: The New Years. Katie seems to be the most likeable member of New Directions, being best friends with nearly every member.


Katie is someone that is nice and kind on the outside, but on the inside is bitter and jaded from what her father did. It takes her awhile to actually trust people and get close to those she does trust, but there are certain people she does like and does open up to. She can be brutally honest and cruel when she has to, but over all she is kind to people. She does keep to herself and is very quiet around strangers, especially when she just moves to Ohio. The only way she truly expresses herself at the beginning is by painting and drawing.

Life Before GleeEdit

Katie lived in Chicago for most of her life with her parents Skye and Derek, and her older brother Nick. Katie was extremely close with her mother and Nick, although her relationship with her dad wasn't that strong. She was the only one to know about Nick's homosexuality for a long time. When his best friend finds out and outs him, Nick goes to his father for support, but his father, a huge homophobe, kicks him out. Katie goes after him, but her mother finds her and drives her home. Katie becomes resentful of her father, staying as far away from him as possible. For years, Katie have recieved letters from Nick, who has graduated from high school and is living with his boyfriend.