June Harris


She thrives for a life in front of a crowd. Be acting in the local play, or district speech competitions, she lives for crowd reaction. Top of her class. Has a very different sense of humour (ie: Thinks Rocky Horror Picture Show is a million times funnier than The Hangover). She loves to look pretty, dressing up and having her hair and makeup done, she’s like her mom’s personal Barbie doll. Loves musical theatre, and was determined she was going to marry John Tartaglia until she found out he was gay. She is very opiniated, excels at deabtes, and loves to yell at people. Hates being wrong. HATES IT. She hates physical confrontation, and will never throw the first punch. Her favorite movies are Disney movies, not because they are childish, but because they are nostalgic, and you can get a lot more humor out of them as a teenager than you ever could as a child (Such as the raunchy scene between Lumiere and Babette in Beauty and the Beast). Enjoys following Flynn Rider on Twitter. Thinks homophobes are dirty trashcans full of poop, and stands up for gay rights, even though she’s straight. Idols include Amy Adams and Jim Henson. Generally a very friendly person, likes to meet new people and learn about them. Perfers English and History to Math and Science. When faced with having to break bad news, she tries to sugar coat it. Is a teacher’s pet, but not a suck up

Life Before GleeEdit

Was born in Charlottetown, PEI, to her parents, Brandon and Monic. Two other daughters were born after she was, Haley (14) and Anna (11). She was reading and writing at a kindergarden level at age 3. Her academics have always been something she's taken pride in. However, she gets to competetive about it that it imitidates others, so she's made very few friends. The few close friends she does have shes' met through drama club, They're a rather loud bunch.