Jeneve Jen Corpez is a character on Glee: The New Years. She was created by UnholyTrinity


Jen is a bit of a b*tch. Well, she's totally a b*tch but let's be nice here. She's like the old Santana Lopez from glee, except she's straight. She's bitchy and has a strange grudge against Katie.

Life Before GleeEdit

Jen was a religious girl, until her father abandoned her at nine years old. She knows nothing of her father, except that he a celebrity. Jen has never asked about him because she knows her mum is very touchy about it. Her mum pulls herself away from Jen most of the time, making her aunt the motherly figure in the family. Jen's family is kind of rich, but she doesn't care about, unless it's time for her to gloat; then she really does care about it.