Jasmine-Lesa Relationship
Miley cyrus and demi lovato




Intimacy Level:

Girlfriends; Kissed

Relationship Started In:

Flash Mob, Deleted Scenes

Jasmine-Lesa Relationship, often reffered to as Lesmine, is the relationship between Jasmine Smith and Lesa Wall. It was hinted that they started to date in a deleted scene from Flash Mob which can be found here. Jasmine and Lesa are portrayed by Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, respectively.


Flash MobEdit

Lesa is introduced by Tim to New Directions, as his cousin. Lesa quickly begins crushing on Jasmine. Later on in the episode, Lesa cleaned Jasmine's face after a jock slushied her.

Behind These Hazel EyesEdit

Jasmine and Lesa are seen running onto the stage together, singing Everyday along with the rest of New Directions.


In this episode, it is confirmed that the two are dating. At the beginning of the episode Jasmine tries to convince Lesa to join New Direction, but she fails. Although, after hearing Harrison audition, Lesa changes her mind and auditions with Potential Breakup Song by Ally & AJ.