Jacob Lawrence is a character on Glee: The Journey Continues. He was created by Br0dxwerc


Jacob is a very charming person. He is outgoing and has this self-depricating humor. He is genuinely a nice guy but has does not have a lot of confidence. He can't stand up for himself but he can stand up for others. He tends to get physical if things get out of hand. He is a little awkward and has a lot of nerdy obsessions like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games (mostly the Hunger Games.) He makes constant references which leaves people confused but usually makes up for his charm.

Life Before GleeEdit

Jacob comes from a poor family so at an early age had to provide with some sort of income for his family. He does it by singing and performing on the streets. While performing out on the streets, he found out that his family died in an accidental house fire. Having lost everything, he countinued to make a living for himself by singing on the streets. He was discovered by locally famous talent agent Seth Colton and was taken in. Although he was never really known outside of Ohio, he became popular. Suddenly, Seth Colton became distant and very busy, always trying to make up for loss time with Jacob. Jacob however rebuked and became distant himself. Their relationship turned icy and Seth is still trying to make amends to him. Jacob still hides that fact that he was homeless before Seth and that Seth is not his biological father in fear that he won't have friends anymore and that people will see him as fake.