Junette during riot

Episode 13: Nobody's Perfect. Charity returns and is forced to choose between her friends and the Cheerios as she starts a fued with Junette. The two gorgeous, dapper, young Warblers return, the Regionals theme is revealed along with the competition and Chloe starts to worry about how she'll look with the baby growing inside her.



Episode 14: Summer Anthems. Sue's plan goes into action and New Directions must battle to get to Regionals. But Sue isn't the only thing stopping New Directions - Jen feels bad competing against her boyfriend and Jasmine has stage fright.


Marissa Von Bleicken Charity HeartTim Norgrove Austin ButlerChloeHoranJasmine Smith2JenCorpezJoeyPalmerFreddie Storma Tommy BarlowJune HarrisKatieScottStevie Hoff Nick JonasZachWinstonWalterPerezHarrisonBradyLesa Wall Miley CryusKaren Gillan Amy Foster


Nicole Scherzinger Heidi TigerTaylor Foster Alex PettyferWilliam rush justin mitchellJay McGuinness Alexander SmytheGwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holliday

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