Emma Pilsbury

Emma Pilsbury is a character on Glee: The Journey Continues. She was created by Ryan Murphy and is portrayed by Jayma Mays.


Emma could easily be seen as the ideal counselor. Sweet, insightful, selfless and empathetic, Emma is constantly doing what she can to offer good and helpful advice to not only the students, but also to those that she cares about, primarily Will. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Emma tries her best to be logical in her advice, she often lets her emotions take advantage of her actions.

Life Before GleeEdit

Emma Schuester got engaged to Will Schuester in his old New Direction's third year, after a performance of We Found Love, and eventually married in it's fourth year. However, before this, she was engaged to old football coach Ken Tanaka, who she only pretended to love to make Will jealous, and married Carl Howel. She and Carl eventually broke it off after she admitted she still had feelings for Will.