Deleted Scene 1Edit

The Slushie: Flash Mob

During break, Joey, Katie and Jasmine were speaking by their lockers.

“Joey, my family wants to meet you! Can you come round tonight?” Katie asked.

“Wait.” Jasmine interupted. “You haven’t even kissed, you’re not even officially in a relationship and you’re asking him to go round your house?” She laughed.

“Yeah, I’ve told my family a lot about you, Joey.” Katie explained.

“I’d love to come round.” Joey told her. Lesa quickly walked up to the three.

“I can’t find Timmy anywhere. Mind if I hang with you’se?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure. If it’s not a prob-” Jasmine was cut off from finishing her sentence from an ice cold shower falling on her face. The first slushie of the year.

“Happy Gleeking!” The jock sarcastically shouted. Lesa quickly stuck her leg out causing the jock to fall and faceplant the floor. Jasmine laughed as Lesa took a tissue out of her pocket and started to wipe some of the liquid.

“Let’s clean you up in the bathroom.” Lesa told her, pulling her away.

“See you guys, later.” Jasmine called back.

“They have even more sexual tension than you guys.” Stevie said as he walked past.

“Why does he keep saying that?!” Katie jokily complained.

The bell rang signalling the end of break.

“What do we have?” She asked Joey.

“Geography.” He told her. “So, d’you know that expedition on the submarine...”