Chuck Dixon Niall Horan

Chuck Dixon is a re-eccuring guest star on Glee: The Journey Continues. He makes his debut in Viva La Vida.


He was born in Canada, but when he was very little his father died so his mother, desperately, started looking for a job. Without being succesful, his mother decided to move to Ohio, because she had a cousin there. Her cousin could give her a job and they lived there. When Chuck was 2, he started listening to music and reading books. His mother wanted him to do sports, but he never wanted to. Anyway, he grew up being very intelligent and he even skipped a grade. He is openly gay.

Life Before GleeEdit

He's very intelligent, but also quite nerdy. He has a heart-melting canadian accent, that sounds kinda irish-like. He's very friendly and always keeps his anger enclosed inside.