Marissa Von Bleicken Charity Heart

Charity Vanessa Heart is a character on Glee: The Journey Continues. She is created by KCisaGleek98 and is portrayed by Marissa Von Bleicken, the author's favourite contestant from The Glee Project.


Like her name, Charity is sweet as honey and just as charitable. She is a helpful girl, who doesn't like to see people in any kind of distress. She does have her blonde moments, but is a fairly smart girl. Charity is bubbly, loud and an overall fun girl to be around. By far, she is the kindest, most caring girl you could ever meet. She may come off as confident and comfortable in her skin, but on the inside there is just a normal teenage girl who worries about zits and her weight. She is extremely protective and defensive of those she cares about, she would give her life in a second to save theirs. Charity can't stand having anything bad said about her, she is very sensitive. She may be a cheerleader, and she may be semi-popular and nice, but deep down she is a bit of a bitch and a sh*tstirrer/

Life Before GleeEdit

Charity Vanessa Heart was born to two loving parents, Gretchen and Joseph. Her brother, Joe, was 2 when she was born. Her and Joe were very close as children, as they were up until the time of his death. When she started school she met her best-friend, Aaliyah. Ever since grade 4 she had been on the honor roll. When she was 13, and Joe was 15, there younger sister, Mary-Jane, was born. A mere 2 years later came that faithful night when the cops came knocking on their door at midnight. They told the Heart family that Joe had died, along with 3 friends, in a fatal car accident. Charity refused to leave her room for weeks, but now a year later she is slowly coming to terms with it.