Brittany Pierce

Brittany Pierce is a character on Glee: The Journey Continues. She was created by Ryan Murphy and is portrayed by Heather Morris. She makes a cameo in SMS but her first major appearence is in Coming Out.


As a Cheerio, Brittany could be expected to come across as cruel, but she is generally a kind, generous and caring person, although exceptionally naive and innocent to the point of being considered stupid, though she is very sensitive to this word, such as when she stood up for herself after Finn called her stupid, considering it as 'mean' and 'bullying'.

Life Before GleeEdit

Brittany Pierce was one of the original members of New Directions. She was one of the last original members to graduate. In the club, she met her long-term girlfriend Santana Lopez who she lives in New York with and attends New York University with her, in which she studies dance.