• Fallin'

    Name: Chuck Dixon

    Age/Grade: 15/Sophomore (Skipped a grade)

    Back Story: He was born in Canada, but when he was very little his father died so his mother, desperately, started looking for a job. Without being succesful, his mother decided to move to Ohio, because she had a cousin there. Her cousin could give her a job and they lived there. When Chuck was 2, he started listening to music and reading books. His mother wanted him to do sports, but he never wanted to. Anyway, he grew up being very intelligent and he even skipped a grade.

    Personality: Intelligent, Nerdy, Musical, Romantic, Bitchy (sometimes)

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Possible Friends: Stevie, Charity, Jen

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  • KaddyHanaFanatic


    April 29, 2012 by KaddyHanaFanatic

    Name: Lesa Wall

    Age/Grade: 16/Sophomore

    Back Story: Her parents were killed in an accident when she was 12 and now is living with her grandmother.

    Personality: She is steady, reliable person who only rarely get frazzled or upset. She will almost never lose course and will remain level no matter what chaos surrounds her. She knows her own strength but usually handles situations with dignity and self-control. Push her too far, though, and she can suddenly turn into a raging bull, and once this happens, she will be difficult to calm. She is stubborn. Once she forms an opinion, she is immovable, and nothing will change her mind. She likes the good life, but tends to be careful with money, slowly building up wealth as she goes.

    Sexuality: Le…

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