Blaine anderson

Blaine Anderson is a character on Glee: The Journey Continues. He was created by Ryan Murphy and is portrayed by Darren Criss. He currently studies at NYADA with Rachel Berry and lives in an apartement with his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel.


Blaine is a talented, dapper, charming young man, with a confident exterior that often belies his insecurities. He has apparently become more secure in himself in recent years. Rather laid back, few things seem to bother him on a deep level, save for a few personal regrets from his time before Dalton Academy. Blaine has also been shown to have an occasional temper, which he usually hides under a gentlemanly front until something he finds wrong or cruel pushes him over the edge. Blaine is openly gay.

Life Before GleeEdit

Blaine Anderson was originally a warbler but joined Will Schuester's original New Directions in its second year in order to be closer to his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel. He has a famous brother called Cooper, who stars in several tv ads.